Creating Space

You can get counselling on anything these days. Sarah Mills meets a man who will advise you on clearing out your clutter.

A cluttered home is as likely to be a sure sign of a busy lifestyle as a disinclination to tidy up. You may be embarrassed about the state of your living conditions, but don’t have the time to think about how you could change things. If this is the case, perhaps it’s time you called in Barnet’s clutter counsellor, architect Simon Miller.

Simon set up Home Economics for people desperate for some space in their homes. He came up with the idea after visiting friends’ homes and advising them how they could create more space.

“I was forever hearing their tales of woe because of their lack of space,” he said. “I started suggesting practicable and affordable solutions and the thing just took off from there. Home Economics was born.

”In his early days, Simon, who trained as an architect at the University of Westminster and the Architectural Association, used his natural creativity to transform his own studio space above a warehouse into a loft conversion. It became an apartment with a kitchenette, living space and two sleeping areas with “adjusted floors” which mean more storage space.

“There are so many things you can do to create space, it’s just that most people can’t see the wood for the trees and sometimes it takes a trained eye to sort out what’s really what,” he said.