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Mystery Client, Mystery Phone…

So I get a call one day from a lady who lives in a big house in Richmond. She asked me to come and look at her house so I went over and I’m met by her at the front door. She drops her keys into my hand and says, ‘have a look around, I’ll see you later.’

So I don’t know what I’m looking at, I’ve got no idea of what she wants me to see, so I start at the top and the phone rings.

I’m not really sure what to do, I let it ring. It rings again and I’m thinking maybe I should answer it, given that it’s rung so soon after the first time.

So I go downstairs and it stops ringing. I go back upstairs to photograph and take notes and it starts ringing again. I go back down and as I’m on the staircase between the first and ground floor it stops ringing.

This carries on for a while and I’m determined to find this phone.

Eventually it rings again. I go downstairs, I go into the front room, I know I’m in the right place because the sound is louder there. As I turn around it stops ringing and in the corner I see a white cockatoo in a cage, who says ‘hello’ and I say ‘hello’ and I realise it’s the cockatoo who was mimicking a phone noise!

I finished going through this whole house, shut the door behind me, put the keys through the letter box and never heard from the woman again!

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