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Simon Miller Architects Office


When it came to designing our own office we conceived it in such a way that it was like a kit of different parts. It was a bit like the way you make a model of a building by cutting up bits of cardboard to the right shape, gluing them together and three-dimensionally making a building.

The interesting thing about this is that you can buy really thick cardboard which is actually laminated timber and put a building together that way, but it has to be worked out really carefully as there’s only a 5mm tolerance so if you get it wrong you have to rebuild it. It took just four and a half days to install on site.

We made the staircase inside the building as part of the structure of the building, out of the same material, as opposed to fitting it in after like a piece of furniture. Not much other work got done in the street the week it was installed as no one could believe how fast the building was going up and they all had to keep stopping what they were doing to watch!